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On the closing of our first Regalo at 982 Barret Avenue by JD Dotson, Jon Freels and Laura Applegate.

This Sunday will be our last day open at our 982 Barret location. We opened there 13 years ago and have seen a lot of changes, good and not so good, particularly in the last couple of years. We initially chose that area because of the great vibe, foot traffic, easy access from the area neighborhoods and a popular restaurant next door, Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

In closing and leaving a neighborhood that has been home, we would like to publicly thank Lynn Winters. Without Lynn's Paradise Cafe we may never have come to be a part of that once vibrant neighborhood.We might not have realized the need to have the Nitty Gritty in our lives and what absolute gems to our city are Amy and Terri. We have eaten our way thru every menu change at the Monkey Wrench and have loved them all. We have seen people come and go and have loved being neighbors with Paula and Mo at Revelry and Tony Viscardi, Speir Ace Hardware, Bunny at the Deal, Barret Bar, Dane's Salon, and the people at Nuts and Stuff, (and we miss those sweet orange slices.) These people and businesses gave us a community and became part of our family.

We have met so many talented artists over the years and so many amazing customers that have become even more amazing friends. Our lives are forever better because many have become a part of our everyday lives. The largest part of our friend base comes from people we met because of this store. There are people that knew us because of their breakfasts at Lynn's and now have become best friends, people we dine with on a regular basis, people we trust and love, and people who have joined our team and worked with us. They have made our jobs so enjoyable over the last 13 years. If we had a dollar for number of times Stephanie Rickert made us laugh ourselves sick we could've retired years ago. Through her we have continued love and support of so many friends, Victoria and Noel, our Bunny Terry who we miss dearly and so many more. Thanks to Lynn's Paradise we have Angie Fenton in our lives, constantly an inspiring person and friend. Because we are in that spot, Janey Christine has come into our lives and we are certain we could not do what we do without her. Erin, Yancy, Matthew, April, Theresa, Carrie, Brandon, Marc, Colleen, Rebecca, Kevin, Stacy and David have helped us out in times of need and become the best of friends. We can go on naming names all day of all those people currently in our lives that were brought by having this store next to Lynn's. We even adopted our first puppy from a regular Saturday morning diner, Nancy Carlton Brown, and anyone that knows Jon and I, you know how much we are completely in love with that tiny little loudmouth. So I need to thank Lynn's Paradise Cafe for being a catalyst and bringing all of that richness into our lives.

Being next to Lynn's Paradise gave Jon a job at a time when he was in need and in a few years allowed Laura and JD to quit jobs that didn't make them happy and to work in a job we loved and still love! How could we have done that without Lynn's? We have had great opportunities from opening a satellite store in the Galt House, to recently opening on South Fourth and in New Albany. All of this because we got our start next to a popular little restaurant on the edge of a little neighborhood. It breaks our heart to leave this neighborhood, but new chapters are being written. But before we turn the page, we want to thank you, Lynn.
We also want to wish you luck in the future and with Lynn's Paradise Cafe because you're going to need it. Your legacy has been sullied by your actions and your unwillingness to act. We also hope one day you will see how your decisions have affected-and continue to affect, so many others.